Friday, October 28, 2011

Oh. Mah. Goodness.

Look at this...

From Deal Lunch, October 28, 2011
Fiction: Middle Grade

18-year-old classical musician currently studying at the Zurich Conservatory Stefan Bachmann's debut THE PECULIAR, about a changeling who suddenly finds himself at the center of a web of intrigue and danger when he is stalked by a sinister faery, to Virginia Duncan at Greenwillow, in a major deal, at auction, in a two-book deal, for publication in 2012, by Sara Megibow at Nelson Literary Agency (World). Film: Kassie Evashevski at United Talent Agency

Auction. Major deal. Film agent. Woah. O_O

For my dear friends who don't know what an auction is, or what a major deal is, or what the helicopter green willows have to do with anything, let me explain.

Greenwillow is an imprint of HarperCollins. I don't know what an imprint is either, but I suspect it's a specialized sub-section of a larger publishing house. And HarperCollins is a large publishing house. Ginormous, in fact. I feel very fortunate.

The auction part means that more than one publisher wanted to publish my book (!), and the "major deal" part means they duked it out for a ridiculous amount of money.

An author by the name of Jay Kristoff wrote all about what auctions are and aren't over heaaah, far more engagingly than I could have, so check that out if you want the detailed version. (He's rather foul-mouthed though, so be warned.)

And that's that! Now the work starts.

I will admit I would have described the book a bit differently than the way Deal Lunch did. Namely that it's steampunk/gothic/faery/alternate-history murder mystery. Because stalking is not really a hooky sort of plot element for Middle Grade. Also, I'm not sure being a classical musician at the Zürich Conservatory is a bragging point, but whatever. Too happy to keeeeeeer! :D

Annnd too tired to write any more today. I have a recorder concert tomorrow for which I'm ill-prepared. You see, my teachers couldn't care less if I'm a someday-going-to-be-published writer. If I mess up on those last five measures of thirty-second notes, it is OVER.


  1. Congrats on the deal!

    Yes indeedy, an imprint is a sub-section of a major house (one of the "Big 6" in this case). And, also in this case, you've got a great one. I signed with Greenwillow a few months ago and love them!

    Hang on - the ride's about to get crazy!

  2. SHTEFYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!! :D

  3. @Josin: *gasp* An author! Thank you and very pleased to meet you. :) When will your book be released?

    @Duckyyyy: M'deeeeear. When THE PECULIAR comes out you must buy fifteen bazillion copies, ok? Ok. I'm such a good marketer. x)

  4. Right now, it looks like Winter 2012 :-D (I'm the YA group, rather than MG, but I was ecstatic to see that an MG series got picked up as a major deal. Hearing that makes a lot of people very, very happy.)

    Good Luck with your book!

  5. stef!!! congrats! i'll buy one copy so emma only has to buy 14 bazillion 900 gajillion nine thousand and nintey-nine. XDD

  6. A major deal! That's beyond congratulations... that's just awesome.

  7. Congratulations Stefaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnn!!!!!!! Make that 14 bazillion 900 gajillion nine thousand and nintey-EIGHT for Emmi.

  8. Congrats again! I didn't even know you wrote (except for reviews!). This is just brilliant! And we're at the same US publisher, you know? (Except I'm at Harper Children's, not Greenwillow). So pleased for you, really!

  9. Arg! So behind. Time differences annoy... O_o

    @Josin: Thanks! Good luck to you with ARCLIGHT! I just ran and stalked your blog and now I want to read it. :)

    @Mikeeeeeh: xD

    @MCPlanck: Thank you!!! Believe me, nobody's more surprised than myself.

    @Beckett: Or else you guys could just ALL buy fifteen bazillion copies. Seriously. Don't be cheapskates. XP

    @Sarah: Thank you again!!! I actually gave up writing reviews. I figured I should learn how to write my own stuff before criticising other people's. :) And I saw, we are at the same publisher! Aaaaah! Maybe one day I'll meet you in person. Whoda thunk. :D

  10. Hi Stefan! I'm with Greenwillow too, and I heard about you through several friends. HUGE congrats, and welcome! Virginia is awesome. Can't wait to read The Peculiar. :)

  11. Thank you!! Wooooo. GOF&T hasn't found its way into Zürich's English bookshop yet, but when it does I'm determined to read it. Sooo many people have recommended it to me, I can't even keep count anymore. :D

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  13. I want HOLLYWOOD MOVIE option too! Heavens, we're so alike. Sadly, one does not find film agents by commenting on random writer's personal blogs.

    You be spammin', bro.

    Oh, and publisher is spelled with an 'L'. And articles are a good thing. Like a's, an's, and the's. I suggest going through the ten books you have to your name and looking for these things. Because I imagine film agents prefer reading books with L's in them. Just sayin...

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    1. Crap, I removed your comment instead of answering it. I'M SO SORRRYYYYYYYY, ZÉVAAAA. *facepalm* What I was GOING to say was thanks and I wish you the best of luck. Golly... -.-

    2. Haha, no problem! No worries! And thank you. I'll be looking for your book once it's published, although my library has a tendency to be veeeery slow when it comes to new materials!