Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Firebird

"I think there's room on everyone's schedule for pure, unadulterated stupidity."

—MTV president Van Toffler

Not sure what this is referring to exactly, but it made me lol so there you have it! :) With that in mind, does everyone have time for pure, unadulterated GORGEOUS ANIMATION??? Good.

This video is sew purty, I want to take screenshots of every second frame and paste them over my spectacles or something. It's almost ten minutes long though, so if thousand-foot-high fiery monsters bore you then... umm... Well, I don't know how to help you.

Stravinsky's The Firebird with Disney animation:

Wasn't it purty? Huh, wasn't it?


  1. Haha! That quote. I'm going to be a snob and say, I know *exactly* what it's referring to. xD

  2. Are you questioning the virtues of that towering bastion of American culture which is MTV? For shame.

  3. i like the part where EVERYTHING EXPLODES. muahahahahaha...

  4. I'm particularly fond of the elk in this animation. In my honest opinion 'Firebird' is the most beautiful music animation I've ever seen....but I also love their 'Rhapsody in Blue' for it's character. :)

  5. Wait, are you Purplecat? As in, the great steampunk animal sculptur? Ahhh! You know that clockwork bird my sister bought from you a few years ago? I wrote it into my book. It's a fairly vital plot element. I need to do a post about that. Your stuff is amazing.

    Oh and I'm glad you agree, I love that video. :)

  6. oh wow! that is entirely cool! Yes...indeed I am Purplecat. :)

    I'd love to nab a copy of your book! where's the best place to get one? I just heard about it, and so havent had a chance to go shopping for one yet.

  7. Oh, um, it only just sold to HarperCollins two weeks ago, so it won't be hitting shelves till Fall 2012. In the publishing world that's crazy fast, believe it or not. :D Still a year away though.

  8. Sounds great! I will keep an eye out for it.

    There are a few authors whose blogs I watch, and they make mention of completing a book MUCH earlier than we ever see it hit shelves...sometimes years beforehand if they've completed more than one in a series.

  9. Exactly. Sooo much goes on in between writing the book and seeing it on a store shelf. I haven't been through half of it yet. :)