Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pictures that move

I'm determined to watch all the movies on this list before the end of 2011. Determined.

The Three Musketeers - The new one. With the flying ships. It looks terrible. But the ships... they flyyyy!

Anonymous - Whose bright idea was it to have Roland Emmerich direct a movie about Shakespeare? Also, the trailer music is rubbish. But it's Elizabethan, and has pretty costumes and cinematography.

Hugo - Martin Scorseses + clockpunk! The trailer looks decidedly 'meh' but ya know... clockpunk.

Hanna - On DVD because I missed it in theaters. Joe Wright is an amazing director.

The Lovely Bones - Waaaay behind on this one so also on DVD. Peter Jackson is also an amazing director. You heard it here first.

Never Let Me Go - Milli recommended this one to me. It's supposed to be sad. Sad movies are the best. Also I like the soundtrack. And it has mild sci-fi elements. Sci-fi + tragedy + cello solos. I am intrigued.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows - I honestly haven't seen the first one. It looked dumb. It was directed by Guy Ritchie. Neither of those things make me want to watch a movie. Now that I've moved on from literary snobbery and can accept the fact that Hollywood needs to steal instantly recognizeable cardboard cutouts so that they have a built-in audience, I think I will watch this movie. More pretty costumes, and I like the shot in the trailer of the tray falling.

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  1. Ah!!! I want to watch The Loverly Bones! Movie night?