Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I did iiiit! I blog. Happy day.

This blog is mainly for the benefit of a group of heartless lunatics who ran off to places like Oxford and New York and abandoned me to a life of misery at a posh music school. You, heartless lunatics, are heartless. If anyone else cares to read it, I'm honoured. I won't chase you away. I'll mainly be writing about writing (Ahem) because that's the subject I have been investing exorbitant amounts of time in lately, but I suppose there'll be stuff about books and music and school life as well.

Excitment all 'round, I see.



  1. Um, about bloody time! And while I admit to being a lunatic I don't think it's entirely fair to be called heartless when you're the one who deleted your facebook without so much as a 'by your leave'. Grrr. :D

  2. wooooo!!!! iiiim gonna stalk you xD